Darrell's Amazing Gourmet Burgers


All Darrell’s Amazing Gourmet Burgers include your choice of Darrell fries, regular fries, or a Darrell’s Nothin’ Fancy salad.

All of Darrell’s beef burgers are made from FRESH / NEVER-FROZEN Certified Angus Beef®

Darrell's Peanut Butter Burger

No. We’re not kidding! Our traditional BLTCM burger with that stick to the roof of your mouth difference. Year after year, The Coast “Best of Food” Award Winne



Smothered in salsa AND topped with grilled chicken, melted Monterey Jack, lettuce, tomato, mayo and jalapeños.


Chipotle Sabroso

Sautéed red onions, melted mozza, lettuce, chipotle mayo topped with Darrell's own home made black bean and corn cilantro salsa!



Delicious sautéed mushrooms, green pepper, melted mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, mayo and da secret sauce.


Hawaiian Burger

A mango mayo'd 6oz Certified Angus Beef®, teriyaki-marinated pinapple slice, mozza, smokey BBQ sauce, romaine and onion ring lei. Mai Ka Lani Mai!



With crisp Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheddar, Mayo and M,R and K.


Turkey Burger

Butterball “All Natural” with mayo, mozza, crisp romain, and an onion ring raft filed with cranberry sauce.


Moroccan Lamb Burger

Curried mayo, spinach, fried onions and banana. Open wide and say BA - A - A - A - A - A !


Mediterranean Lamb Burger

Tzatziki - spinach - grilled veggies and feta.



Certified Angus beef topped with chipotle marinated pulled pork and jalapeño havarti, Darrell’s own pesto mayo, pita chips and apple coleslaw on a warm seeded keizer roll.


Hen Den' Burger

Our premium, 6oz Certified Angus Beef® burger topped with a "Grade A" Annapolis Valley fried egg (seriously), genuine Canadian cheddar, real bacon, our own freshly made chipotle mayo + guacamole, lettuce (now you can tell your mom you had a vegetable), on a toasted, seeded Kaiser bun. You will fall in love!



Another Another Coast “Best of Food” Award Winner. Our 0% beef burger with salsa, Monterey Jack, lettuce, tomato, mayo and jalapeños.



Sautéed green and red bell peppers, melted mozza, lettuce, tomato, mayo, Cajun mayo and jalapeños.



Sautéed red onion, peppers and spinach covered with black olives and goats cheese including mayo and tomato.


Nacho Typical Burger

Topped with red, green & jalapeño peppers, cheddar, cajun mayo, nacho chips, red onions, guacamole and salsa! Andale Amigo!


icon Veggie Pattie substitution available for only 1.00 and Gluten-free bun option 1.00   icon Devotee Fav!
All prices are subject to applicable taxes (aargh!)